Productions listed on this page have signed agreements with ACTRA. Information listed here is subject to change.

If you are offered a role on a production that is not listed here, please contact Gillian Barker to confirm whether there is an agreement between ACTRA and the producer. Where an agreement has not been reached, ACTRA members are not eligible to work on the production.

REMEMBER: ACTRA members may not work on productions that have not signed an agreement with ACTRA.

Please Note: ACTRA IS a union of professional performers. We REPRESENT performers. ACTRA IS NOT an engager. We DO NOT HIRE performers.


Why Am I? – Season 5 (Animated Series) Jan. 21, 2023
Why Am I Season 5 Productions Inc.
Casting: TBA

Now Shooting

Our Big Indian Family (TV Series) Oct. 31 – Dec. 2, 2022
Happy Family Productions Inc.
Casting: Brenda McCormick
Background Casting: Kristina Hughes


Summer At Charlotte’s (Feature Film) Aug. 12 – Aug. 27
SAC Productions Inc.

Pen Pals (Short Film) July 20 – July 23
Prairie Cat Productions Inc.